Perceptual-Motor Development (PMD)

What is PMD?

This Program is a non-drug solution for the child or adult who is struggling with learning difficulties and/or learning disabilities, and having sensory issues. This program is as effective for bright students who have problems completing assignments as it is for slow learners and hyperactive students.

The program includes a series of activities and exercises that can be done at home or in the classroom. Each exercise only takes 1 to 2 minutes, and should be done daily.

These exercises are designed to improve Perceptual-Motor Development. Training involves physical exercises and activities that teach specific motor skills and develop appropriate responses that allows them to make accurate and appropriate responses to incoming information, which is detrimental to learning and behavior. This program provides a way to repair the synapses in the brain, the “processing bridges” which, for some reason, did not develop. This training is as effective for bright students who have problems completing assignments, as it is for slow learners and hyperactive students. Once the connections are made through PMD, they are permanent.

Improve Learning & Coping Skills with PMD

(for both children and adults)

There is a simple and effective way to repair the processing problems to help students at home and at school, control their behavior and improve learning and coping skills. It is called Perceptual-Motor Development. This program can help both children and adults.

There Is Help For People Who Struggle With:


✓ Struggling with school work

✓ Displaying inappropriate behavior

✓ Assigned an IEP

  Children: labeled as… 

✓ Dyslexic – ADD – ADHD

✓ Having an Intellectual Disability

✓ Sensory Processing Disorder

✓ Slow Learner

✓ Developmentally Delayed


✓ Having a hard time focusing 

✓ Difficulty reading or learning

✓ Had been diagnosed with a sensory disorder without permanent solutions

These areas of concern can be improved to enhance a person’s quality of life.

Help! What should I do?

Contact us for general costs and program availability.


Individual assessment to identify Perceptual-Motor deficits in children and adults. PMD Program exercises are assigned; and progress assessed through re-evaluation visits for individuals and families. Average Program takes 1 year to complete. 


This is a one hour overview of the Program to introduce PMD to Teachers, Parents, Schools, or Groups. Explaining the scope of PMD and the scope of the Program.


This class is divided into 2 sessions. The first 3 days include everything you need to know about PMD and PMD classroom activities. The next 2 days teach how to assess, and how to put a person in an appropriate program. 

People are wired to take in information through their senses and process the information, they then interpret that information and have to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.


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