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I am CARree

I am CARree, a Teaching Artist, Certified Therapeutic Art Coach and Personal Development Mentor, Writer & Poet.

ColorYourselfPurple | Therapeutic Art

I have been using art from a very young age to recapture the better days and color my life purple, the way I thought it should look like. I used my imagination and art works to cheer myself up; to escape from the pain and hurt I experience as a child. I developed the need for the arts in my life.

Embracing the peace, and the moments within the arts to heal, to recreate, to seperate myself from the pain. Through drawing and writing, from the Ballet to the Symphony. To make a life brighter and bolder for the world to see my true color, to color myself purple……. so you can ColorYourselfPurple.

An active artist, and writer on some level my adult life through commissioned work or as a contracted columnist, and paid writer. Staying close to my artistic and creative nurturing side, while maintaining a full time career that actually paid the bills. While teaching art since 2016, I have come to realize my true passions, and desire to help others in the healing process through art as I have. And found a greater love for life, and the arts, and in the process of healing and helping others through healing on a greater level through art and personal development.

Recently obtaining Certification in Therapeutic Art Coaching and Personal Development, I am ready to Paint the WORLD Purple!!! Experience in the Arts for nearly 20 years as an artist, writer, and digital designer, while I am Certified as a Therapeutic Art Developmental Coach; I am continuing my education in order to achieve an UnderGrad Bachelors in General Psychology, Cognitive and Critical Thinking. I will continue to teach art, and now will be able to provide art therapy coaching sessions, and soon to be helping on a clinical level as an UnderGrad in the near future.

Say HELLO to a New Colorful Life! Say HELLO to ColorYourselfPurple, and a HELLO to a Happier and New YOU!

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