It’s time to Color Yourself Purple

ColorYourselfPurple encompasses several practical, drug free modalities, to improve our way of life, relieve stress, help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, improve learning skills, improve communications skills, build self esteem, build emotional awareness, enhance critical thinking, strengthen your cognitive abilities, raise empathy levels, enhance the physical and emotional well-being of people at all ages through therapeutic art sessions, perceptual motor development, personal development, coaching and mindfulness.

Reduce Stress – Improve Self-Management – Help Alleviate Symptoms of Anxiety – Improve Communication Skills – Improve Problem-Solving Skills – Build Self-Esteem – Build Emotional Awarness – Enhance Critical Thinking – Strengthen Your Cognitive Abilities – Raise Empathy Levels


Art Therapy involves the use of different art materials (such as paint, clay, crayon, collage, drawing, charcoal etc) and modalities through which a client can express and explore thoughts and feelings in a safe, contained and supportive space. As an Art Therapy Coach I help guide you through the process.


Art is often difficult to express oneself solely through the use of words. The art object offers an alternative medium to explore and work through thoughts, feelings and concerns.


Clients may use the art materials in any way they wish provided it is safe for the client, the studio and the therapy coach. The emphasis is on the process of making art rather than only the aesthetic products.


Everyone can make art! Knowledge of art is not a prerequisite for attending therapeutic art sessions, and no judgments are made on the quality of the work produced. These sessions have proved to be helpful for adults and children of all ages. Both individual and group settings are available.

Therapeutic Art Sessions can be a very powerful process, which may enable long buried feelings to come to the surface, be acknowledged and worked though.


It is advisable to attend individual Art Therapy sessions once a week at the same time each week to provide consistency and reliability for the client.

Therapeutic Art Sessions

Sessions By Appointment Only

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